ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed 28 million home and condo sales between 2000 and 2014. According to the data, the summer months were the most popular times for home sales. This is because summer is a time when people are on vacation and looking for a new home, visit Del Aria Investments & Holdings’s lead capture form. However, the fall and winter months also saw a high number of home sales.


Spring is one of the best times to sell your house, as many potential buyers will be ready to buy a new home before summer. With the rising interest rates, many buyers want to buy before the rate spikes and are prepared to make an offer for a higher price. Additionally, spring buyers are typically more serious and desperate to move into a new home.


While it is true that fall and winter are less popular seasons to sell your house, summer is actually the best time to sell your house. The weather is beautiful and there are more people looking to relocate during this season. This is also the time of year when there is less competition, meaning that your house will have a better chance of being noticed by buyers. You should also try to stage your home in a way that encourages potential buyers to daydream during an open house. This will ensure that potential buyers are attracted to your house and put in an offer.


Fall houses sell best for several reasons. These factors include the influx of fall foliage, cooler temperatures, and increased curb appeal. Also, the housing market tends to be slower during the fall months, making them ideal for home sales. Young families, for example, may be looking to move during the cooler months in order to finish school. While this is a time when buyers may be looking for a quick move, a slower market also means that there are fewer homes for sale on the market.


Winter is one of the least expensive times to buy a house. This is because sellers have less competition and fewer homes on the market. This makes viewing the homes easier and increases the chance of a competitive offer being accepted. Wintertime is also a slow season for real estate agents, so they tend to be more open to negotiating commissions and closing costs.


The best time to sell a home is during the spring or early summer. Homes listed during these months typically sell faster and for higher prices. Most real estate agents try to hold open houses during this time.


If you're selling your home this spring, consider selling during May. New listings flood the market in May and pending home sales spike. This means that homes in this month will sell faster than homes listed in the winter or fall. Typically, homes will spend fewer days on the market before selling for the highest asking price.


If you're looking to sell your home, June is the best month to list. This month is ideal for preparing your home for the real estate market, and it often leads to a fast sale and a high median sales price. Because of the warmer weather, buyer demand is often high during this time of year. Additionally, summer and fall months are the ideal time to move for families with school-age children.


October is one of the best months to sell a home. There are fewer homes on the market and more potential buyers. In addition, the weather in October is relatively neutral, which makes it easy to show your home to potential buyers. This means that you can focus on preparing your home for sale rather than worrying about competing with homes on the market.


If you're thinking about to sell a house in December, keep in mind that this time of year is often more competitive than the rest. As the weather gets warmer and job relocations pick up, people tend to search for homes. However, if you're looking for a quick sale, you may want to consider prepping your home for the spring season. You can even hold open houses during the winter to attract buyers.

Holiday season

There is a misconception that houses sell best during the holiday season. While there is still plenty of time to sell a home, you should avoid the busy holiday season if you can. Instead, list it in January when you're sure to get the most traffic and host the most open houses.