Getting your own DIY strobe glasses can be a great way to add some pizazz to your photography. Whether you are shooting portraits or action shots, you can create a beautiful lighting effect with this simple tool.
LC (Active) shutter glasses

LC (Active) shutter glasses for diy strobe glasses are glasses that have the ability to detect and synchronize with the frame rate of a display. The glasses can either be wired or wireless.

The glasses may have photodiodes that are placed along the front of the glasses, or they may have photodiodes clustered near each other. The glasses may also have a switch that reverses the shutter controls. This switch may be used to reverse the shutters in case left eye and right eye images are shown oppositely.

The system may also have a frame rate detector (552) that determines the start time 555 of a left image or right image display. This information is used to synchronize the lenses in the glasses with the display.

This information is then interpreted by the logic inside the glasses 101. This allows the glasses to synchronize with the display without a dedicated synchronization signal. The glasses may also be synchronized with the display brightness.

The glasses may use photodiodes to generate brightness data when light is reflected from the display. This brightness data is then compared to the brightness data from other sources. The glasses may also have a comparator that weights the output based on the orientation of the image.

The glasses may also have a switch that reverses the shutters if left eye and right eye images are shown oppositely. In this case, the shutter may be reversed to block the view of the left eye between times corresponding to T 3 and T 4.

Active shutter 3D systems (also called alternating field) are used in many theaters to present 3D films. They can also be used to present 3D images on a variety of video displays.
Lighting tips for diy strobe glasses

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The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune for it. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that you can actually save a bundle of cash. This will make you a more efficient consumer, and allow you to spend more time actually interacting with your mates.
Michael Jordan’s experience with strobe glasses

During his illustrious NBA career, Michael Jordan was not shy about putting strobe lights to good use. As it turns out, the strobe lights actually improved his game. Using strobe lights to improve focus, visualization and mental prowess was a worthy endeavor. For the most part, Jordan’s trainer walked away with the credit for such a laudable feat.

In fact, it was a collaboration between Michael Jordan’s longtime trainer, Tim Grover and Dr. Alan Reichow of the aforementioned company that made the strobe-lites a reality. Interestingly, Jordan was not the only NBA player with strobe lights in his locker room. The aforementioned triumvirate also included Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs’ newest phenom. The latter’s strobe-scrubbed visage was never made public. But for fans of the franchise, that is no longer the case.

There is a rumor that the Spurs’ staffers were oblivious to the presence of strobe-equipped Leonard. But, it’s not hard to imagine that if they’d had their druthers, Leonard’s strobes would have been tucked away for good. Besides, the Spurs’ front office is not exactly known for its openness.

Ultimately, it was Michael Jordan’s legacy that made strobe glasses a household name. Whether he’d ever wear them on his head remains to be seen. And if it’s true, there’s no telling which of the aforementioned strobe-o-matics would make it on the court.